Make Your Life A
Miraculous Blessing

Please watch the video and read below for your options.

Success Through Meditation
Free Live Stream September 14th 11:00 AM PDT

Michele will share with you how to Achieve Success Through Meditation.
Wake up to your True Power, The Divine. Allow The Divine to Lift You Up!

Daily Light Transmissions
Starting August 28th

Allow the Divine Presence to go before you to prepare the way for a beautiful, light-filled life! Receive 32 days of Light Transmissions that will empower your life and lift the veils from your Diamond Soul!

Mystical Greeting Cards

These exquisite Mystical Greeting Cards were created for one main reason. To bring more Light to this world and Enlightenment into consciousness. When you look at these cards their vibration can be felt. Cards with the vibration of Light. When we send it to another person they will be uplifted. When we use the cards for our own goals, intentions and dreams they will infuse your written words with beauty and power.

Personalized Prayer CD

After twelve years of numerous requests, I am going to again record personalized prayer CDs for you. People have let me know the miracles of healing, joy and wealth that they have experienced since experiencing a Light Transmission. Imagine what a personalized recording can do, what great shifts in success and consciousness can be experienced.

Extra Light Transmission and Blessing

There comes a time when we all need extra light in our lives. Michele is offering this to those might find they need extra help. Whether it's because of a new job/career, breaking free from a relationship, a death in the family or anything that is of concern, Michele can send a light transmission and perform a prayer for your specific reason. This blessing is very powerful and can help you with energy and light so that you can succeed in anything that you might be dealing with. It's $108 for a light transmission plus a prayer. Be ready to receive the help and light that you might be looking for. $108

A 45 Minute One-on-One Phone Session PLUS A Blessed Prayer card personally written to you from Michele and a CD of the session PLUS 2 Extra Light Transmissions for Only $450 Priceless for your Transformation.

If you desire with all your heart to connect with your purpose and raise your energy and consciousness, a One on One session could help burn away some of the blocks at last and have you on a Higher Plane Of Light, Power and Harmony. Click below to sign up now for your 45 Minute one on one session with Michele Plus a prayer card and a CD and download link of the call PLUS 2 extra Light Transmissions. $450

Please do follow the instructions I send you from The energy starts to work as soon as you request either option. The picture you send me is deleted from my email and computer after I print it, and then after the prayer it is put into my prayer chest for continued prayer. So no worries about your picture floating around Internet. It helps tremendously for the Transmission to work when I can gaze your eyes. I gaze your eyes until your photo turns to white and disappears then I know it has reached you very powerfully. It takes longer on some photos than others and I continue gazing on each until it is done. It is very, very powerful so DO send your picture with your eyes looking into the camera and preferably smiling. So many others were surprised or even shocked at the improvements in their lives. When you are open and allow me to be a conduit on your behalf then of course it works very quickly to improve your life. I AM with you. In love and Oneness, Michele